We are a development and management consultancy firm engaged in the provision of strategic consultancy services designed to help private and government clients and businesses of all sizes primarily in Nigeria and other  emerging markets. Our services span everything from entrepreneurship development, banking and finance, executive trainings and capacity development, intelligence and analysis, publishing, trade and investments to environmental issues and beyond. We work with countries and corporate entities as they develop proposals for change then help in their implementation. We operate Government-wide and deal at the highest levels.

Incorporated and registered as a limited liability company  with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja in 2012., we have remained truly  to our commitment to incubate, mentor and support the development of SMEs and Large companies, and assist non-profit organizations in organizational development, governance, strategic and program planning, evaluation, technology and Board-CEO relations. We also offer business development and operational support for growth companies expanding outside of their domestic markets and large companies willing to boost their of innovations culture and ecosystem.

We offer training and advisory services to promote financial inclusion, financial education and literacy, as well as technical and strategic support and management services in the conventional and Islamic financial markets from banking, micro-finance, investment funds, and capital markets to project finance.  We accelerate meaningful innovations through conferences, consulting, and capital. With a focus on international expansion, we enable start-ups, growth companies to scout, launch, and distribute new technologies, products, and services worldwide and create positive economic, social, and ecological change at scale.

Broadly, we provide forums where entrepreneurs and executives of middle-market companies actively meet and learn from fellow executives, investors, bankers, financial advisors and other providers of professional services. Furthermore, we work to increase the entrepreneurial velocity of both start-up and emerging growth companies by encouraging entrepreneurs to take advantage of our network of skilled professionals, high-level business contacts, and on occasion funding sources to help navigate the many road blocks that often prevent early stage and late stage entrepreneurial companies from reaching their full potential in a timely manner.

Our team includes specialists and advisors who have a rich array of experience as successful accountants, agricultural economists, bank executives, IT specialists, management consultants, microfinance and small enterprise finance experts, monitoring and evaluation specialists, lawyers and poverty alleviation specialists, as well as project managers.

Our Strategic relationship with top international consulting firms and AAA rated financial institutions like the Islamic Development Bank, Credit Insurance Corporations, Issuing Houses and Development Agencies enable us to effectively handle the requirements of our clients with confidence.


We employ a three-pillar framework to give enterprises of all sizes access to what they need to grow and thrive in today’s competitive global economy.

Access to Finance

We develop partnerships with equity funds and Joint Venture Capitalists (JVCs) with the goal of creating job opportunities for entrepreneurs and providing them with adequate financing to support their businesses. We focus on sectors and enterprises with the best potential for high growth and job creation.

Access to Business Development Services (BDS)

Access to capital alone is not enough for the success of business enterprises. Financing needs to be accompanied by Business Development Services (BDS) that provide companies with the knowledge and tools they need to compete. Through our world-class consulting services, we provide Business Development Services to enterprises.

Access to Markets

Access to finance and BDS are essential, but without access to local and regional markets, the growth potential of SMEs and large companies is constrained to their domestic markets. To help give our clients access to the wider markets they need for long-term growth and expansion, we offer a variety of innovative solutions that facilitates access to trade as well as junior capital markets.